Robert Green, The CAD Manager

Robert Green is a big name on the international CAD scene. An ex-engineer who moved into CAD consultancy and training, Robert has an engineers ability to analyse and break down complicated CAD concepts into easily manageable chunks.

I have attended Roberts sessions at Autodesk University and the AUGI cad camps and I highly recommend them. I’m probably not alone in thanking Robert for putting me on the path to CAD management*

Robert Writes the CAD Manager column for Cadalyst magazine along with the CAD Manager’s news letter. He has recently added a couple of great videos on his website about managing tool palettes and automating title blocks.

If you organise your CAD set up in your office, or you are self employed this is for you.

Cadalyst Robert Green's CAD Manager column

CAD Manager column

Cadalyst The CAD Managers Newsletter

CAD Manager’s news letter

Robert Green CAD Manager website


*Yes, I know I’m not actually a CAD Manager, but I’m the closest thing my company’s got!

‘Company CAD Geek’ is probably about as official as it’s going to get…

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