The AutoCAD Properties palette - Select all

How to increase your productivity with the AutoCAD properties palette.

My absolute, tip-top, number one productivity tip for editing geometry in AutoCAD is to use the Properties palette.

The AutoCAD Layer productivity tools

AutoCAD Layering productivity, never use the Layers pull down again!

If you are creating AutoCAD drawings which contain a lot of geometry, I highly recommend that you concentrate on keeping...

From CAD to CAM, Cleaning up 2D DWG files for CNC.

If you work with a CNC programmer, or you are a CNC programmer! Here are a AutoCAD few tips and tools that you can use to clean up the 2D geometry in your DWG files ready to bring into you favourite CAM programming software.

The Autodesk DWG icon

How to optimize your AutoCAD DWG drawing files

If you've been following the CAD Setter Out for a while, you will know that I recommend keeping your geometry organised as you go along. Using Polys, Groups, Blocks, Layers and Xref’s effectively will help you to work quickly with your drawings files. Working this way will also go some way to preventing your AutoCAD DWG files becoming bloated or corrupt. If you’ve been working on a file for some time, and you’ve noticed AutoCAD slowing down, then it may be worth doing a bit of a clean up to help slim that drawing file down. This could also be necessary when dealing with files from third parties such as clients, suppliers or contractors.

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