3DMTP – The Ultimate way to print Architectural models?

Would you like to see a physical manifestation of your Architectural 3D digital CAD model? Would you like to hold it in your hand – or show it off to your clients and colleagues?

3D printing sounds good. In fact, it sounds great! But printing scale models of buildings has its problems.

3D printing is a process involving various techniques for laying down material, layer by layer to form a 3D object. 3D printing can work very well when you simply require a full size object from your digital model file.

However buildings can be really, really BIG. Printing at 1:1 scale isn’t usually practical or necessary. If you take an Architectural element such as a truss, a window mullion or a handrail and try to print it at 1:100 scale, the element becomes so thin that it simply won’t print.

If you try to ‘thicken up’ some of these elements so that they will print without warping or falling apart, you can easily spend so long re-modelling the job that you really aren’t saving any time or money by reusing data.

But the good folk at 3DMTP believe that they have the answer…

Check out this article what I wrote for CAD Digest magazine,about this brand new service which is being offered by 3DMTP.

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3DMTP For 3D Printing of Architectural Models



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