The Top Five Inventor Videos from CloudCAD

NeilCrossI’ve been keeping an eye on the enigmatic genius behind the CloudCAD Youtube channel.

So I’m really excited to have finally tracked him down to present a guest post for CadSetterOut.

This guy’s Inventor Videos are Awesome!

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Over to you Neil

Greetings! What’s that you say? Who is this guy?!

Well, I’m no engineer, I’m not that bright! I’m 100% a software guy.

During my now near 20 year career I’ve worked purely and exclusively with Autodesk CAD software.

In that time I’ve had the pleasure of 8 years working in a UK based Platinum Autodesk Reseller, delivering Inventor & Vault Data Management services into some of the UK’s and Europe’s biggest engineering companies.

I’ve since moved on into the real world, and I now manage the Inventor & Vault systems in a large subsea vehicle engineering business and the hundreds of folk who use the Autodesk kit to do real work!  I also had a cheeky spell working as a QA consultant for Autodesk during the development phase of Vault 2016, that was an eye opener I tells ya!

Visit the Cloud CAD Youtube Channel

Cloud CAD on YouTube

If you want to catch me on the interwebs, I host a tutorial/tips & tricks based Inventor channel on YouTube which is apparently going down quite well… I’m not quite as big as PewDiePie yet but give me another year!

And I guess that’s how I found my way here! In the past I’ve presented on stage for many reseller events, y’know, those events which most people use as a blatant excuse to have a day out the office and a free lunch!

One of my favourite sessions was always the tips & tricks section at the end of what was usually quite a long day.  We’ve done the serious stuff, we’ve done the sales patter, we’ve cured your insomnia so now let’s all just kick back and relax with some silky smooth tips & tricks.

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Over the years I’ve collected the feedback on what was well received, that and many years delivering ATC training courses has given me a fairly accurate insight into where most people need the most help when it comes to learning Inventor.

And so, a YouTube channel was born!

Paul has asked me to choose a few of my favourite Inventor videos, but given that there’s currently 50 of them as of today, that’s quite a challenge!

But I think I know where to start.

“How to 3D Sketch”

is my most viewed video by a literal country mile, and if I knew that before recording I would have maybe put more effort into the production work!

The goal for this content was not based around tips & tricks, but more about educating.

I said at the start of this video that the 3D Sketching environment isn’t the most intuitive, and I personally remember how baffled I was when I first looked at it.

Judging by the number of views, it would appear that’s rung true for a lot of folk out there!

“How to subtract solids, using sculpt”

is a hybrid of tips & tricks and education. I tend to try and avoid labelling my content as ‘training’ knowing that nobody can really deliver a credible training session over a quick online video!

However I do try my best to educate people on functions which are otherwise very difficult to figure out without guidance.

I’ve found, in my experience, most commands in Inventor that have a name which bears no resemblance to what it actually does, tends to go unnoticed by most folk. Sculpt is a classic example of such a function.

“How to model a 3D coil spring & animate compression”

I get a fair few people requesting videos on how to model specific items or perform niche tasks, which is obviously quite difficult to accommodate given the broad nature of a global audience using this software in countless different industries.

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I tend to try and stick to covering generics, features, tools & utilities, and stuff that just looks the doggy’s danglers.  This one falls under the latter!

Having said that, springs are common place in a wide variety of industries, and it’s ridiculously unnecessarily difficult to animate them…! That’s all a spring does, it squishes and springs!

That’s quite the sobering thought if one has just dropped several thousand Dollars/Pounds on a highly sophisticated 3D CAD modelling solution!

“How to Apply a Custom Image Texture to 3D Models”

I think this video is third or fourth most popular on my channel, which I believe is testament to how wrist slittingly frustrating it is to use the modern day styles/materials & appearances manager.

Although I’ve used a tyre texture which isn’t going to be replicated by many people out there using Inventor, the tyre texture itself is one of the most difficult to import and tile correctly.

Getting it bang on the money requires fiddling with many of the different appearance settings, which in turn hopefully helps people gain a broader understanding of the various settings.

These days more and more emphasis is being placed on visual fidelity and final presentation quality, so I’ll be looking to develop further content based around achieving this in the future!

“Inventor is so slow! Performance demonstration”

It’s been difficult to single out 5 videos from 50, I genuinely believe all 50 are of high value to the novice/beginner… excluding one or two which are slightly tongue in cheek!

This video however, I could make these all day.  Anybody who has worked in either an Autodesk reseller or for Autodesk direct, maybe even a CAD Manager, will have been repetitively complained to by whiney whingey baby whiners about how slow they truly believe Inventor is.

Them: “UH, it takes 7 hours to load up, UH, whenever I place a constraint it takes exactly 17 minutes and all I get is the spinning circle of doom, it’s not responding it’s crashed”

Me: “Show me”

Them: “Err, it err seems to be OK right this second”

Me: “But of course, my mere presence has accelerated the source code and infused your system with miracle juice, it knew I was coming, your one’s and zero’s are indeed plotting against you”

I digress.  Basically a lot of people genuinely believe Inventor is a slow and bloated application because they just don’t know any better, it’s all they know.

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They likely have an old fragmented prehistoric computer bogged down by years of tosh, you’ll know who I mean, those guys who have dozens of internet browser search toolbars installed alongside 5 generations of digital camera & scanning software all loaded into their system tray!

Yes, you know who you are!

This video was intended as a benchmark reference, a statement, look if you run your highly sophisticated and very expensive 3D modelling software on hardware which is worth more than a toothbrush it’ll perform just dandy!

But there’s plenty more where they came from! If you’d like to casually browse the remaining 45 snippets of joy, please head on over via the following link and don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates on future content!

Visit CloudCAD on YouTube

Do you have a favourite Inventor Video that you want to share with your fellow readers? Leave a link in the comments!

Neil Cross

Currently specialising in high level dedicated Autodesk Vault system implementations, ranging from standard system installations and upgrades based upon Autodesk best practice guidelines to managed medium-long term system overhauls.

3 Responses to “The Top Five Inventor Videos from CloudCAD

  • Cody Fox
    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Very helpful

  • Alex Fielder
    3 years ago

    Good stuff Neil!

    I see the “{Insert Application Name} is running slowly” problem all the time. When I turn up at the desk the “problem” has fixed itself.


  • Great range of videos here!

    Thanks for sharing!

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