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A Digital Workflow

Enabling a digital workflow seems to be a regular discussion topic from the major CAD companies. To their credit, they have made huge progress when it comes to creating drawings. I would classify both traditional PDM tools, as well as cloud based tools such as Autodesk 360 and GrabCAD Workbench, as excellent ways to enable an integrated digital workflow for drawing creation. But what about drawing access?

What design software today could best meet furniture market tendencies?

What software should you use for Furniture making, Cabinetry, Joinery or Millwork ? This weeks guest post from Graham Mansfield of Microconcepts introduces 'Woodwork for Inventor'.

Nine AutoCAD tips to increase productivity and make your life easier

Nine AutoCAD tips to increase productivity and make your life easier

Boss on your back? Not enough hours in the day? We could all use an extra edge - right? Check out these Nine AutoCAD tips to help increase your productivity from Guest Nick Williams. What's your Favourite AutoCAD Productivity tip?


3DMTP – The Ultimate way to print Architectural models?

Would you like to see a physical manifestation of your Architectural 3D digital CAD mo? Would you like to hold it in your hand – or show it off to your clients and colleagues?

3D ing sounds good. In fact, it sounds great! But ing scale mos of buildings has its problems.

Buildings can be really, really BIG. ing at 1:1 scale isn’t usually practical or necessary. If you take an Architectural element such as a truss, a window mullion or a handrail and try to it at 1:100 scale, the element becomes so thin that it simply won’t .

But the good folk at 3DMTP believe that they have the answer...

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