Customizing your Autodesk Inventor Hole and thread data

Autodesk Manufacturing Northern Europe | Autodesk Inventor Hole & Thread Data

Thanks very much to Steve Bedder of Autodesk, who very kindly posted my article on personalizing Autodesk Inventor’s Hole and...

Kung Fu Drafter Autocad WS

The Kung Fu Drafter | ‘How To Turn Google Chrome into a Funktastic Autodesk DWG Dojo – for FREE’

How to use the AutoCAD WS App for Google Chrome to draw, review and Autodesk DWG's in your Browser.

Between the lines. How to create a PDF from AutoCAD with a single click (and a bit of typing).

A guest post by the CAD Setter Out, on Shaan Hurley's 'Between the s' Blog. It's all about Exporting PDF's from AutoCAD.

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