Mastering Inventor 2016 by Paul Munford

Why do YOU want to learn Autodesk Inventor?

Paul Munford of Learning Autodesk Inventor with help from Project#1

Learning Autodesk Inventor with my son

For me it all began with the design of a lift enclosure I was working on for a Bank lobby in Canary Wharf back in 2008.

2D drafting in AutoCAD didn’t help us to work out all the details and junctions for the metal and glass frame work. I switched to 3D AutoCAD, and that worked great for design development – but sucked for documentation!

That year I went to Autodesk University for the first time. What I saw blew my mind.

That was the year I first saw Inventor being used by an expert in my field. Someone who really spoke my language and understood the design challenges I was facing*.

I was inspired to learn Autodesk Inventor on my return to the UK, and (Just like you) I went out; bought a book, and sweated it out week after week until I got Inventor working for me.

Mastering Inventor 2016 – Standing on the shoulders of Giants

 Mastering Inventor 2016 by Paul MunfordMastering Inventor 2016 by Paul Munford
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So I’m pleased and humbled that I was asked to take over the Authorship of ‘Mastering Inventor 2016 ‘ from the 2016 release from another of my heroes – Curtis Waguespack.

It’s time for me to pay it back and help YOU to learn Autodesk Inventor.

Mastering Inventor 2016 is possibly the most comprehensive book on Autodesk Inventor there has ever been. This is the book you need to help you become a true Master of Inventor.

The 2016 edition includes completely new chapters on Drawings, Presentations and the new AnyCAD feature, along with the tried and tested material from my Inventor heros that have helped so many people to learn Autodesk Inventor over the years.

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*That man was Steve Widom. You can find out what he did that made an impression on me here – Steve Widom at Autodesk University.


Mastering Inventor Reviews

Thomas Rambach of

Thomas Rambach

I would definitely recommend this book if you’re the self taught type that wants to accelerate your learning. This book will help you do that. This is also a good buy for your companies engineering department to keep on the shelf and use as a reference for your team. If you bring new people in that don’t have a strong background in Inventor, this book would be a good starting point for them.

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Mike Thomas of

Mike Thomas

If I used a grading system for my reviews this book would get an A+. Although from its size it is a bit daunting to get started, but once you do I’m sure you’ll find that Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2016 is well laid out, easy to follow, and it follows a logical order.

Mike Thomas on – Click to read the full review.


YOUR mastering Inventor 2016

Before starting the update of Mastering Inventor 2016, I asked for your feedback. You can read some of the comments below

  • Have you read any of the previous Incarnations of Mastering Inventor?
  • How did you learn Autodesk Inventor?
  • Did you learn CAD from a book?
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