The CAD Setter out Interviewed for Autodesk Care Radio

Autodesk support are coming out of the shadows. If you have a question, you can now ask a real person!

And they might even ask you some questions – and, in this case, they did!

Have you ever tried to contact Autodesk for support? How did you go about it? Email? Phone? Fax? Carrier pigeon? Did you get the support you needed? Where you satisfied with the response?

Autodesk’s new social media support¬†initiative is showing real promise. Through it’s Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and even Pinterest(!) you can now ask questions of the Autodesk Care support team directly and in real time.

The Autodesk Care team are also very active in the Autodesk forums, which is also a great place to go if you have a question to ask.

Find out why I am so enthusiastic about helping people with their AutoCAD and Inventor issues in this internet radio interview with ^CAM from Autodesk Care.

Hear the CAD Setter Outs dulcet tones on Autodesk Care Radio

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