AutoCAD 2015 Blogger Council Day

AutoCAD Blogger day 2015 – in conclusion

The AutoCAD 2015 s day was my kind of event :D

The opportunity to visit San Francisco was amazing, One Market was cool, Pier 9 was awesome and being the first to know about AutoCAD 2015 was a treat - but the highlight of the weekend was meeting all the people who make these things happen.

AutoCAD LT desktop subscription

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Pick and mix Suites?

No one wanted to be critical of Autodesk while enjoying their hospitality, but I could tell that this was a subject that most of the s at the table felt passionately about. In my own personal opinion, that's because we are often the ones who have to explain Autodesk's pricing decisions to our bosses - and justify the cost!

so - Is the new AutoCAD LT 2015 'Desktop Subscription' (Licence Rental) offer from Autodesk value for Money?

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – Pier Nine

Pier Nine is the workshop in which Carl Bass's Minions work on the technology to support Carl's quest for world domination. The Autodesk Helicarrier/Flying fortress is being developed here along with all the equipment required by Carl's swat team - the 'Industructables'.

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – One Market Street San Francisco

For a self confessed CAD geek like me, the opportunity to visit the Autodesk's One Market street Offices is akin to being invited to lo round Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!

As part of the AutoCAD day we were given the 'Guided tour' of the AutoCAD design process by Ux (User Experience) director Joanna Co - I challenged Joanna with a question...

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