101 AutoCAD tips eBook – coming soon!

101 AutoCAD tips eBookSince I first started out with AutoCAD, I’ve kept a text file of useful tips and tricks on my desktop. I call it my ‘spell book’, and it’s time I shared it with you.

I’ve been working on this eBook project for about three years.

‘101 AutoCAD tips’ contains the best tips from this blog, the best tips from my weekly CAD tips newsletter and the best tips from the guest posts I’ve written for Bloggers such as Ellen Finkelstein and Shaan Hurley.

It also contains the best tips from my spell book that I haven’t shared with you  yet!

I need the incentive to finish the eBook – so I’m announcing it today and I’m asking you to hold me to task… You’ll do that for me won’t you?

  • Proven, actionable Tips & Tricks to create AutoCAD drawings in less time.
  • Be a ‘Lazy Drafter’ – achieve the same results with less effort!
  • Become the best CAD Drafter in your office.

To find out more about 101 AutoCAD tips (And receive a FREE preview copy) head to the signup page.

I’d like a FREE preview copy of 101 AutoCAD Tips!

Please note: This is a separate mailing list to the weekly newsletter. If you have already signed up to the newsletter, please sign up again to 101 AutoCAD tips to be kept up to date with my progress on the eBook.

4 Responses to “101 AutoCAD tips eBook – coming soon!

  • Kim Bruns
    3 years ago

    Paul, What’s you finish date? A reasonable, reachable completion date would help.

    • Hi Kim,

      I put a concerted effort into the book over the Christmas break. My next block of time will come up at Easter. I’m aiming to finish it in the summer, but I may try and accelerate this if I can see that there is a demand.

      What do you think? How long can you wait!

  • Jacob Damilare
    3 years ago

    I will be glad if I get the helping informations on autoCAD as well as revit and the likes to make me a PRO

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