Autodesk Labs, Exploring new approaches to Design Technology.

Autodesk’s ‘Labs’ Site is where Autodesk puts it’s ‘Concept’ software until it finds it a home!

The Autodesk Labs site features new Autodesk software, alongside add-ons and extensions to current software. All of the software is free to download and trial, Autodesk just want your feedback to help them judge whether their new ideas are exciting new technologies, or dead end junk ;-)

Autodesk Labs Home


What is Autodesk Labs?

‘Autodesk Labs is home to innovative new technologies and collaborative development. Its mission is to involve you, the customer, in the progress of design technology solutions. We’re not a beta program (although Autodesk does have an active beta community), or a usability team, because the technology we work with is too new to be a product. The user feedback that you provide to Labs is really on product ideas, while they’re still in an early conceptual stage.’



The Autodesk Labs team invite feedback through their forum pages, Email, or as comments on the Blogs of Shaan Hurley (Between the Lines) or Scott Sheppard (It’s alive in the lab).

Autodesk Labs - Its Alive in the Lab



‘Graduating’ software either ends up in an Autodesk product, such as AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor, or becomes it’s own standalone product.

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Recent Autodesk labs graduates Include:

Plugin of the Month

The Autodesk Labs site also hosts ‘Plugin of the month’ – an opportunity for members of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) to have their plugins fine Tuned by the Autodesk programming teams and issued to the public at large.

These monthly plugins for AutoCAD, Inventor (and other Autodesk products) are published with the full source code, and an explenation of how it works on Kean Walmsly’s ‘Through The Interface’ Blog.

AutoCAD - Through the Interface


Software to keep your eye on

There are a few items on the Labs site that I recommend you keep your eyes on:


Try it for yourself!

‘The best way to learn about Autodesk Labs is to start experimenting yourself. Check out the different technologies available on Autodesk Labs, participate in the discussion groups and blogs, and be sure to register to receive email updates when new technologies are posted. Try out our free technology previews, test them and tell us what you think. Your comments, experience and insight help drive the future of Autodesk innovation.’

Here’s a great video from Scott Shepard that tells you everything you need to know to get involved with Autodesk Labs.

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