AutoCAD 2011 is out now.

With a great fanfare of publicity Autodesk released it’s new range of 2011 products. Where are Autodesk going with this release?

AutoCAD 2011 – A Major Release?

I wouldn’t say that this is a ‘Major’ AutoCAD release. There are a lot of smaller tweaks such as polyline control grips, and dynamically placed hatches that will make your work flow smoother, but no one big feature that you can point out as being central to the new release.

AutoCAD 2011 by Shaan Hurley

Image by Shaan Hurley

The Autodesk Rosetta Stone

On the whole it is my impression that AutoCAD (and DWG) is being groomed to be the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of the Autodesk product line. The new 3D features in this release of Autocad will make it easier to open, edit and save 3D files from other Autodesk products such as 3D studio Max. It’s not seamless yet, but you can see where Autodesk are laying the ground work.

The AutoCAD Ribbon comes of age

If you haven’t tried the Ribbon yet – give it a go. 2011 could be the release where this UI finally matures and gains some momentum. Context sensitive Ribbon tabs like the MTEXT tab and the new HATCH tab make using the ribbon simple and intuitive. If you really can’t stand change then Steve Johnson of ‘Blog Nauseum’ has written a great article on ‘Putting things back to normal’.

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Time to buy a new graphics card?

My only reservation about this release is that many of the new features are really graphics hungry. Autodesk are working on getting the last drop of memory out of your graphics card and they are looking toward users with 64bit machines. If you are thinking of upgrading, do it before you upgrade to this release!

Bloggers Round up.

The new features for Autocad 2011 have been covered in depth by various bloggers already, so I’ll just point you in the right direction…

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