Autodesk 2012 product line announced today

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Autodesk released their 2012 range of products today, including Autocad 2012 and And Autodesk Inventor 2012 alongside their 3D modelling software for Architecture, Engineering, Infrastructure, Gaming and Films.

Autodesk Suites for Building Manufacturers.

The really big news this year is for the ‘Suiting’ of software. Autodesk are packaging an unprecedented amount of software into ‘Suites’ that are available for only a few hundred dollars more than the Core Programmes.

Autodesk Inventor & AutoCAD 2012 Product Suites

Autodesk Design Suite 2012 (The AutoCAD Suite)

AutoCAD 2012 The AutoCAD Insider

Picture from Heidi Hewett's AutoCAD Insider Blog

‘This suite combines the power and flexibility of AutoCAD software with intuitive sketching, conceptual design, presentation, and visualization solutions so Architects and product Designers can create compelling designs, seamlessly share data across all design phases and make visual communication an integral part of the design process.

The foundation of the Autodesk Design Suite is AutoCAD 2012 software, which has been updated with new and expanded workflows for conceptual design, model documentation and reality capture.’

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Autodesk Product Design Suite 2012 (The Inventor Suite)

Autodesk Inventor 2012

Picture from Steve Bedder's Autodesk MFG Northern Europe Blog

‘This suite  is a new, comprehensive and cost effective design solution for creating compelling products.

The suite features Autodesk’s leading design authoring, visualization, and simulation software for manufacturers, including Autodesk Inventor 2012 software, which débuts powerful new features for sustainable product design.’

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Autodesk Building Design Suite 2012  (The Revit Suite)

Autodesk Building design suite 2012

Picture from David Light's Revit Blog

‘These suites offer a comprehensive set of tools to help Architects, Engineers and planners address their workflow needs, from project design, visualization and simulation to documentation and construction.

The Autodesk Building Design Suite features the 2012 Revit products, which offer new collaboration and construction modelling tools and support for point clouds to connect laser scanning directly into the BIM modelling process.

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What’s in it for you?

If you are a Drafter in the building and construction industry, how will the new suites effect your workflow? You can find out more about the software that is packaged in the new suites and how you might make use of them here:

The Autodesk 2012 Suite of Products for Builders


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