Inforbix monster search engine integrated into PLM 360

A few lucky customers have received access to the long awaited implementation of  the Inforbix search engine into PLM 360.

Checking out this You Tube video – it looks pretty slick. I can’t wait to give it a try!

Autodesk PLM 360 Search

This is the technology that won Oleg Shilovitsky the coveted position of ‘Senior Director of PLM and Data Management’ at Autodesk – so we know it’s good… but why?

The premise behind Oleg’s project is to turn PDM on it’s head. Instead of spending a lot of time creating file and folder naming standard protocols (which nobody else gives a Monkeys about!) the new technology downloads a Google-like web crawler onto your server.

No files actually leave your server – only the meta data is captured and uploaded to PLM360. This allows you to search your server in double quick time from within your PLM360 tenant.


 Inforbix/PLM 360 search

Inforbix [PLM360] is a cloud solution that aggregates and exposes on-premise product data from multiple sources and locations without actually touching, moving, or migrating files to the cloud. Users access Inforbix [PLM360] with any standard web browser. It is simple to deploy and Secure.

Inforbix [PLM360] apps [coming soon?] help you find, reuse, and share product data. With Inforbix PLM360 you can reduce the pain involved with accessing and exposing structured and unstructured product data:

  • Find product data located anywhere in your company [‘s computors]
  • Increase product data reuse and data repurpose
  • Collaborate and share up-to-date information more easily
  • On premise data is not migrated, moved, or touched – your data remains in its original location
  • Supports and is compatible with most CAD, PDM, PLM, and IT systems
  • Is Quick to deploy, easy to use, and affordable’

You can find how Inforbix worked here:

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You can find out more about the buy out of Inforbix here:

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