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The British team behind ‘CAD-Man-do’ Architectural drafting and visualization services, have set up a new service to deliver AutoCAD DWG Blocks to you for FREE.


 ‘CAD-man-do provides businesses and organisations with 2d and 3D CAD services. These include CAD drafting, services coordination, floor plans, detail design, 3D visualisation, planning application drawings to name but a few.

We work alongside Architects, planning departments, chartered surveyors, consultants and many more. We provide high quality accurate drawings using the latest AutoCAD and 3D software.’


CAD Blocks free


 ‘We aim to be the largest, most comprehensive CAD library on the web, providing an invaluable resource to Architects, designers, engineers and CAD Technicians all over the world.’


I was curious as to how CAD Blocks Free came about, so I set up and interview with ‘CAD Blocks Free’ founder, Richard Wearn.

CAD Blocks free - Front page


Q: How many blocks are you currently hosting? 

A: The site is currently in its 2nd month of going live and we have probably been putting the current content together for 3 months. As you know we offer a combination of FREE CAD Blocks with the option of purchasing a PAID Collection of approx. 70 -100 CAD blocks compiled from various sources. If you count the blocks within these collections, there are probably about 3000 blocks and counting.

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Q: Where did all the blocks come from? Did you create them yourselves?

A: The blocks come from a variety of sources. Alternate FREE content available on the web, donation by other CAD users in our network, and many are created by ourselves (for example the Healthcare spec doorsets are created entirely by us).


Q: Have you drawn the blocks up to any particular standard?

A: There are no specific standard adopted for any of our blocks but we do make sure they are clean (see below).


Q: Have you gone through any purging/auditing routines, to keep the blocks ‘clean’.

A: All of our blocks are on 1 layer. ( and purged of any unwanted layers. There therefore exists only 3 layers in all of our CADBlocks –, layer 0 and defpoints.

Note: I tested this out with a drawing of stone windows. The DWG file contained numerous blocks, dimensions and geometry to make up the file. The file contained a number of unnamed blocks. The file had been purged and audited, but not ‘-purge > regapps’.

Considering that this was a free download, I would not complain too much if all I had to do was tidy this drawing up to comply with my companies standards!


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Q: What is the price range of the paid blocks?

A: Price ranges as follows – £3-5 (or $5-8ish) As you can appreciate, to compile 70-100 CAD Blocks from lots of different resources takes along time. We therefore think this is a fair price and hope that this price appeals to some of our audience.

The beauty of our site is that you can use it however you wish. You can use it simply for the FREE Blocks and download anything you want – (its important to note that we don’t have a download limit like some websites might have – your download of FREE Blocks is limitless) , or you can choose to download a full paid collection if you think £3 – £5 is worth it for downloading quality content for a very low / affordable price in order to save you what would be hours of cadding time.


Q: What inspired you to set up CAD Blocks free?

A: We were inspired to create following use of various similar sites available on the web. We felt that we could do better and improve upon what other people were currently providing. We think that our easy to use grid system and ability to view the detailed thumbnail views prior to downloading makes the site very user friendly.

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It is our aim to be the worlds most widely used site for FREE CAD blocks and would hope that our site will appeal to Architects, design engineers, interior designers, CAD Technicians, and many more professions that use AutoCAD. With that in mind we are continuously looking to add content to our site and the aim is to upload many many more FREE CAD blocks, concentrating on that for a while rather than the PAID collections.

Looking for Free CAD Blocks? Give CAD Blocks Free try!

CAD Blocks free - Door sets


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