Mastering Inventor surfacing – don’t take it from me

If you’re curious about the Autodesk Inventor Surfacing tutorial series I recently released for Infinite Skills, but you don’t want to leap straight in – why not check out this review from CAD Blogger Jon Landeros…

Jon is a Senior Application Engineer with KETIV Technologies in California. Jon is an expert with Autodesk Inventor and Vault and an experienced Video Blogger.

Jon’s mellifluous Californian drawl sounds great  on his training videos, and I have to admit – I try and channel my ‘inner Jon’ when I’m recording ;)

Thanks for taking the time to review ‘Mastering Inventor Surfacing‘ Jon :D

A Review – Infinite Skills Mastering Autodesk Inventor – Surfacing by Paul Munford

Jon Landeros Reviews Mastering Inventor Surfacing for Inventor Tales Blog

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