Weekly CAD Tips

My name is Paul Munford, and I’m a self confessed CAD Geek ;)

I firmly believe that your choice of CAD software shouldn’t hinder your creativity or productivity.

Weekly CAD Tips from Paul Munford, of Cadsetterout.comMy Productivity secret

I’ll admit it, I’m a Lazy Drafter! I don’t want my designs to take any more effort than they have to. Your CAD software should not leave you banging your head off the keyboard!

I write this blog to help you work with AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor, until your day at the office is is a seamless and as effortless as possible.

You are an amazing bunch of people, and I get a massive kick out of seeing the crazy stuff that you come up with. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that I helped your get over a CAD problem to get the design done.

To this end I have written a series of CAD tips (Like this one, click the link for a preview http://cadso.co/CADtips) that I send out every week to followers of Cadsetterout.com.

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Weekly CAD Tips – What do you get?

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