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Do you LOVE working out exactly how to solve problems with your CAD software?

Do you LOVE explaining what you found out to others?

Then you sound exactly like the person I want to be writing for Cadsetterout.com :)


All guest articles (posts) submitted to Cadsetterout.com should be:

  1. Exclusive
  2. Honest
  3. Useful

I reserve the right not to publish ANY guest post submitted my blog – because it’s my blog and I can do that :)

Read on for more details…


I ask that any article you submit to CSO is exclusive to CSO.

This means that your article should not have been published anywhere else on the web before you submit it to CSO.

And it means that you shouldn’t publish it anywhere on the web after it has been published on CSO either! (Including your own blog).

This is simply because Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and will penalise both sites that contain the same article!


My personal goal is to help people to use their CAD software more effectively, so that they can concentrate on Designing and Engineering.

Any article submittal that meets this broad topic will be considered, you could write a simple AutoCAD ‘How to’ post – or a post on a broader topic, such as making money from CAD drafting.

I write mainly about AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor (because that’s what I use) but I love reading articles about other CAD software as well.


Readers love usefull content, full of actionable tips. The more great content you have in your post, the better.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend trying to hit around 1000 words.


Screen captures of your CAD software in action are a great way to illustrate your post. I recommend Snagit or Jing (Free).

If you want to use images that aren’t yours, please make sure that  you follow the attribution guidelines (credit where it is due).

I reserve the right not to use images if I think they may get me into copyright trouble.

Promotional content

I don’t mind publishing marketing material on CSO, if it is relevant and useful to the readers, but let’s be honest about what it is OK?

Please don’t submit articles that are pretending to be guest posts, but aren’t. Please don’t stuff your post full of backlinks to a website you are trying to promote.

File format

Word documents are fine. Please zip the word document including the images (see ‘Image Format’ below).

Please email a link via Drop Box (or another file sharing service) rather than attaching your files to an Email.


It’s OK to use bold, italic, bullet points etc in your word document, but please note that these may not translate perfectly into Wordpress.

I may have to add your formatting in manually, please accept that I might not do it perfectly.

Image format

Please save images at 96 ppi resolution, please don’t scale them or re-size them if at all possible.

Please try and take screen captures to suit the size of the web page – no wider than 720px. PNG is prefered.

I would be really grateful if you could optimise your images before you send them, this is easy to do at:

It’s a good idea to paste your images into your Word DOC so that I can see where you intend the images to go in relation to the text. However –  please include the original image files in the zipped submittal separately to the word doc as well.

Your profile

Please don’t forget to include a 20 – 50 word mini bio about you. We love to know who you are!

Please include a head shot image with your submittal, or use the email address that links to your gravatar.


I really want to publish your article without having to do anything to it all. However, I reserve the right to ‘clean it up’ as I see fit.

This may include splitting paragraphs into sentences, adding formatting, correcting spelling & grammar, cropping images and adding links to other posts on CSO or to relevant external websites.

If I think that my changes are way out there – I may send the article back to you to review before I publish.

If you don’t like any of the changes I made to your article – even after it’s been published, please let me know immediately.

I have no wish to fall out with you, I only want to get the best content possible out there to the readers.


What do I get out of it?

Writing a new Blog post every week is hard! Every blogger in the world knows how hard it is to sit down and write a new post every week.

Would I like week off? Hell yeah!

What do you get out of it?

Cadsetterout.com doesn’t make a profit – so I can’t pay you. I’m sorry about that. If it changes, I’ll let you know.

Right now I can offer you a backlink to your blog or social media account in your profile that goes with your Article.

Cadsetterout has nearly 10K of visitors a week, and I promote all posts to my social media network and mailing list.

Social Followers


and, who knows, I might write a guest post for you in return!


  1. If you haven’t written an article for CSO before – send an outline of your idea first.
  2. Make the Title of your post catchy, people won’t read your post if they are not hooked by the title.
  3. Keep your sentence structure short. People Skim Blog posts, they don’t Read them.
  4. Use headings, formatting, bullets and lists to attract the reader’s eyes to your Important points.
  5. Use lots of relevant images.
  6. Be specific, don’t just say what readers should do – show them how!

Above all – please, please have fun. I want you to feel proud of your work :D

All set? then…



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