Download the Cad Setter Out’s Awesome Wood screw AutoCAD Dynamic Block

AutoCAD’s Dynamic Blocks are a great way of creating configurable custom content, to help you speed up the creation of your drawings.

I created this Dynamic Block of a Wood screw to help me learn how this feature worked. When I put it up on my Blog I couldn’t have predicted how popular the download would be!

At the time of writing, this File has been downloaded over 1000 times!

AutoCAD Wood screw Dynamic Block

Thanks to all who’ve downloaded it, I hope that you have found it useful. I also hope that it has shown you to to create AutoCAD Dynamic blocks, and maybe even encouraged you to create a few of your own!

If you would like to create blocks like this – check out ‘AutoCAD Block Best practises‘.

Download “Dynamic Screw Block” – Downloaded 15134 times – 94 kB



  1. Info says

    Nice work!  Is it possible to download this block without having a Facebook or Twitter account?  Also, If I could ask, are there 3D solid models available for use in AutoCAD?  Thx!

  2. mra architects says

    nice acad . . . anyway to clear the top third of the threads for a shank?

  3. Shamir says

    Wow man! thanks alot!
    Just a question- how do I change the block to a round-head screw type?

  4. randomBullets says

    I would like to convert this to imperial? I don’t really understand how to change the “lookup” table for that? I could just scale the drawing itself but the table is an issue for me. any direction you could provide?

    • says

      Option#1 (Doing it properly) Edit the block, Go into each lookup state, change the geometry to suit, edit the dynamic parameters to provide the values you need and check that it all still works…

      Option#2 (Quick fix) Scale the block.

      Let me know how you get on.


  5. David says

    Hi Paul

    Inventor 2011 is lacking in wood screws in the content center. Your version looks like a perfect complement. May I try it out?

    Ta very much

    • says

      Hi David,

      This block is a 2D AutoCAD block only. feel free to try it out, however you will have to insert it as an Inventor symbol (which will mean it looses it’s dynamic properties) or open your Inventor drawing up as a DWG file and insert the screw block from within AutoCAD (which you can only do if you are creating Inventor DWG’s).

      Good luck


  6. Dan says

    This is a fantastic block. Have you ever documented this block creation process? I love it and it’e exactly what I am looking for, but I want to use different screws.

    I am sure I could figure it out, just curious if you had your steps, to save time (for me).

    I know I sound lame, dont mean to, just thought I’d ask.

    • says

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your comments. I haven’t documented how I created this block – but you are welcome to pop the hood and have a rummage around inside :)

      Let me know if you have any specific questions.


  7. Andrew says

    Very good block! I will use this quite a bit. Thanks!Definitely recommend an update that allows for a shank. Perhaps alternate visibility states?

    • says

      Thanks Andrew,

      I created this block quite a few years ago. It desperately needs updating to take into account some of the new tools in AutoCAD, such as 2D constraints and Block tables.

      If I ever get round to it – You’ll be the first to know :)