Do you need CAD Help?

CAD HelpIf you need CAD help whilst designing your cool stuff with AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor – where are you going to turn?

When I need CAD help I use the following tried and tested methods to get results.

How do you cope with CAD Problems? What do you do when you need CAD Help? Leave a comment below with your recommendations.

CAD Help Tips

  1. Hit the ‘F1’ key to bring up the help file. Seriously – Just do it. The help documentation is getting better and better in Autodesk products, so don’t be put off. Remember that ‘F1’ is context sensitive, so if you are in the middle of creating an Array, and you hit ‘F1’ you will be taken to the Array part of the help file. Click here for the Autodesk Documentation & Online Help page.
  2. Bash the books. The great thing about Books, is that they can show you how CAD works in context. But maybe I’m biased, because I wrote the 2016 edition of Mastering Inventor!
  3. Ask your colleagues. If the guy sitting at the next desk is as geeky as me, they will probably be able to help you out ;)
  4. Social Media. The Autodesk community team are awesome! Tweet them at @ADSKCommunity
  5. Google it. You don’t need me to tell you how powerful the Google search has become. You can usually find at least a clue to the answer to your problem with a well phrased search
  6. Hit the forums. There are many great forums out there where smug big heads like me hang out just waiting to answer your questions. Here are some of my favourites.
  7. Drop me a line via the ‘Contacts’ page. I will help you if I can – But only if you’ve followed steps 1 to 4!

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