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Paul MunfordHi. My name is Paul Munford.

I am a big CAD geek. I’m the kind of guy who actually reads those manuals! I enjoy reading CAD books, Help files and Blogs and I have even travelled all the way to Las Vegas to speak at Autodesk University.

I am pragmatic and business focused. No CAD work should take any longer than it really has too, and all CAD work should benefit it’s end customer.

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I firmly believe that your CAD software shouldn’t be a barrier to your creativity or productivity. I get a massive kick out of seeing the ideas that Engineers, Architects and Designers, come up with – bought to life.

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About Paul Munford

I work at Autodesk, as an Industry marketing manager for Industrial machinery and Consumer product design. I joined Autodesk in 2018 as a Technical Marketing manager for the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.

My job is to help customers get the best out of their investment in Autodesk design and manufacturing software. You can read some blog posts that I’ve written for the Official Inventor here:


Or you can watch the Videos I create on YouTube here:

Before Joining Autodesk I worked for Graitec, a UK based Autodesk Reseller as a Trainer and Consultant. I specialised in working with our manufacturing customers who make items for the construction industry.

For four years I was the CAD/CAM Manager for Halstock Cabinet Makers in the UK, And before that I spent eight years as a CAD drafter using AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor to create manufacturing drawings in the construction industry, but I started out as a Scenic Carpenter.

Career in Brief

I studied Theatre Production Design at College and worked as a freelance Scenery Design and Builder for the first eight years of my career.

Whilst working as an Art director on Pop Videos, Adverts, Television shows and Feature films, I gained a wide range of experience in scenery design. This included Presentation work, Graphic design (in Photoshop on a Mac) and Drafting (by hand).

In a parallel career, I worked on the shop floor in Exhibition and Events, working my way up from guy-that-unloads-the-van, through Carpenter to Charge hand and then on to Workshop manager and eventually to Project Manager.

All of this came to a head in 2004 when, with Mortgage, Marriage and the family life beckoning, I decided that it was time to grow up and get a proper job ;)

I decided to focus on the one skill that brought all his diverse experience together (technical drawing) and went to night school to learn this ‘CAD’ thing he’d heard so much about.

Little did I appreciating how few people there are in the job market with the desirable combination of experience in making, technical drawing and computing.

I walked into my first salaried CAD Drafting position a few months later – and stepped into a whole new life…

Full work history and CV

You can find my full CV and Resume on LinkedIn Here:


You can read a longer Interview with Paul Munford (me) here:


And you can hear my dulcet tones in this interview for Autodesk Help:


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