Inventor iFeatures: Stopped Chamfer

Autodesk Inventor has some great tools for creating Features such as Fillets, Chamfers and Holes. But what if you want to create a more complicated re-usable Feature?

If you haven’t used iFeatures before –  Read this guide to how to add iFeatures to Inventor

A Stopped Chamfer iFeature

I have created this iFeature for you all to share. It creates a stopped chamfer along one edge of a piece of timber.

An Autodesk Inventor iFeature of a Stopped Chamfer

I have recorded a video of how to place it. There is further placement help embedded in the iFeature file.


[Download not found]

If you would like to find out how to create iFeatures yourself read my Autodesk Inventor  iFeatures Primer.

What every drafter needs to know about Autodesk Inventor iFeatures.
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