Download the Cad Setter Out’s Awesome Wood screw AutoCAD Dynamic Block

Thus AutoCAD Dynamic Block is a great way of creating configurable custom content, to help you speed up the creation of your drawings.

I created this AutoCAD Dynamic Block of a Wood screw to help me learn how this feature worked. When I put it up on my Blog I couldn’t have predicted how popular the download would be!

At the time of writing, this File has been downloaded over 30,565 times!

AutoCAD Dynamic Block of a wood screw

Thanks to all who’ve downloaded it, I hope that you have found it useful. I also hope that it has shown you to to create AutoCAD Dynamic blocks, and maybe even encouraged you to create a few of your own!

If you would like to create blocks like this – check out ‘AutoCAD Block Best practices‘.

Dynamic Screw Block (35595 downloads)