Autodesk Inventor 2015 Freeform T-splines

Autodesk Inventor T-Splines Troubleshooting

Autodesk Inventor 2015's Freeform T-Spline modelling tools bring us some great new options for modelling complex, organic shapes. In this post we troubleshoot a couple of the common issues you may come across while learning this new toolset.

Brep (Solid) Model Vs T-Splines Model

What are T-Splines? And how can I use them?

Have you tried out Autodesk Inventor 2015's new 'Freeform' T-Spline modelling tools?

In this post, we will find out what T-Spline are, and talk a little about how we can make use of this new modelling paradigm.

Inventor surfacing. Reading 2D Curvature Comb Graphs

Clean input sketch geometry is essential when creating smooth, organic, flowing shapes with Autodesk Inventor. Curvature combs graphs are a valuable tool to use for evaluating the curvature of your 2D sketch geometry.

In this post we will learn everything you need to know about using reading and evaluating curvature comb graphs in your Inventor Surface models.

Autodesk Inventor surfacing. Applying surface continuity

In the pursuit of creating sweeping organic surface models, we now turn our attention to Autodesk Inventor's tools for applying continuity to the surfaces themselves.
In the last post, we talked about applying constraints to 2D geometry to create clean inputs for surfaces. In this post we will talk about applying continuity to the surfaces themselves.

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