British Standards, The CAD Setter Out is the BSI Insider

The British Standards Institute HQ in Chiswick London UKThis week I was pleased to be Invited to attend a meeting of the TDW/4 Committee at the British standards institute in Chiswick, West London.

TDW/4 is the committee that deals with ‘Technical product specification’ which includes BS 8888, and all it’s parts..

The purpose of TDW/4 is to coordinate efforts between all the subcommittee’s that deal with the individual standards.

Much of what was discussed at this meeting was over my head (Thankfully there was wi-fi available, so I was able to look up the standards as I went along!) However, sitting in on the meeting gave me a really good idea of how the British standards for technical drawing are formed and revised – as well as how they are ratified against the European and International standards.

I was honoured to meet Brian Griffiths and Colin Simmons – Both of whom have written great books that I have in my collection!

I have been invited to attend the committee that covers BS 128 – ‘General principles of presentation’, later in the year.

Thanks very much to Sarah Kelly for looking after me, and Iain MacLeod for Inviting me along.

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