Technical Drawing Standards: Paper Sizes

The British (BS) and International (ISO) Standards give us a range of standard paper sizes to choose from.

The range is know as the ‘A’ Size range. The Largest commonly used size is A0 which is a piece of paper 1m² in area with the sides in proportion 1:√2 (≈ 1:1.4).

A1 is half this size, A2 is half that, A3 is half again and A4 is half that. A4 is the smallest commonly used size for technical drawings.

BS ISO Paper sizes

Table of sizes

A0 1189 841
A1 841 594
A2 594 420
A3 420 297
A4 297 210


Table of enlargement and reduction scales

FROM / TO A0 A1 A2 A3 A4
A0 100% 71% 50% 35% 25%
A1 141% 100% 71% 50% 35%
A2 200% 141% 100% 71% 50%
A3 283% 200% 141% 100% 71%
A4 400% 283% 200% 141% 100%


BS EN ISO 5457:1999+A1:2010 Technical product documentation. Sizes and layout of drawing sheets (Affiliate Link)

BS EN ISO 216:2007 Writing paper and certain classes of printed matter. Trimmed sizes. A and B series, and indication of machine direction.

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