Autodesk Inventor Pattern Optimisation

I love to Pattern. I love Geometry and I have Draughtsman’s OCD. Patterns speak to me ;)

I can happily fiddle around with patterns and patterning for hours, I love it when I need to create a patten in my Autodesk Inventor model!

Autodesk Inventor Component with Feature Pattern

Autodesk Inventor Component with Feature Pattern

If you’ve ever tried to create a large or complex Pattern in Autodesk Inventor, you may have come across this dialogue:

Autodesk Inventor Optimised compute dialog

‘This pattern will result in a large number of occurrences. Consider using Optimized compute to increase pattern performance’

What does that even mean!

It is disappointing to think that Inventor can’t handle the pattern you are throwing at it, but wait! There may be something that you can do to help :)

If you’d like some help optimising your Autodesk Inventor patterns, read this post I wrote as part of my day job with

Autodesk Inventor Pattern Optimisation

In the post I’ll let you into the secret of what ‘Optimised Compute’ actually means, and how to find the Optimized pattern option. We will take a look at a couple of examples, and analyse the effect that Optimised Patterning had on our file size.

Remember to come back and let me know what you think of it!

Autodesk Inventor pattern optimisation tips

Autodesk Inventor pattern optimisation tips

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