AutoCAD Blogger day 2015 – in conclusion


The AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day was my kind of event :D

The opportunity to visit San Francisco was amazing, One Market was cool, Pier 9 was awesome and being the first to know about AutoCAD 2015 was a treat – but the highlight of the weekend was meeting all the people who make these things happen.

Angela Simmones Group Pic

Picture Credit: Angela Simoes

I’d like to take a moment to give out a great big thankyou to Angela Simoes for Organising this years blogger day.

I’d also like to thank our Hosts Shaan Hurley, and Lynn Allen for looking after us, Amy Bunszel for her sponsorship and Joanna Cooke, Rob McGuire, Lisa Crounse, Gary Sulentic and Heidi Hewlett for their presentations on the day.

Finally I’d like to say how much I enjoyed meeting my fellow CAD Bloggers, particularly those that I’d only met online before!

AutoCAD 2015 Blogger Council Day

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