AutoCAD 2015 Blogger day – the anticipation


Back in 2005 I attended the first ever AUGI CAD camp to be held in the UK. This was my first taste of learning from Industry stalwarts such as Matt Murphy, Robert Green and Lynn Allen.

I learned so much more in one day than I had in the previous 6 months trying to teach myself out of books and web searches.

I resolved right then that I didn’t just want to be part of the Audience – I wanted to be in the Band!

That’s why I feel so honoured to be invited to this years AutoCAD blogger council event to be held at the Autodesk one market gallery in San Francisco next week.

Not only do I get to be the first to hear the latest  news from Autodesk (satisfying my inner geek!) but I also get to meet the’CAD Famous’ R.K. McSwain, Michelle Stone, David Cohn, Todd Shackelford, Przemysław Marczyński, Luciana Klein, John Evans, Curt Moreno, Robin Capper and Shann Hurley.

I’m honoured to be included in such august company, and I’m excited to visit SFO (Boy is my wife envious!).

To hear the latest news as the event unfolds, keep your eyes on @Cadsetterout on Twitter and +PaulMunford on Google+

Autodesk One Market

Disclosure: Autodesk are paying for plane flights and hotel accommodation. The members of the AutoCAD blogger Council are free to say whatever we want want about whatever Autodesk show us. Oh, and Angela Simoes is the best PR person on the planet (She did tell me to say that) ;)

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