Dimensioning an arc in an Inventor Drawing

How to Measure, Dimension and Specify Arc Length In Inventor Sketches.

By default Autodesk Inventor will dimension the Radius of an Arc in a sketch. So how do you find the Length of the Arc? And what if you want to specify the Arc Length to drive your sketch?

Autodesk Inventor for Woodworkers: Gottshall Block Part Modelling Exercise.

Some of those old Woodworking exercises you did way back when you were just starting out might be just what you need to help you learn Autodesk Inventor! In this post I use a woodworking exercise to demonstrate how to use Autodesk Inventor to create 3D part models.

Autodesk Inventor: A quick tip to temporarily turn off Constraint Persistance.

Read about how to quickly toggle or temporarily turn off Autodesk Inventor's inferred constraints.

Autodesk Inventor - Toggle construction geometry

Easily switch to construction geometry in Autodesk Inventor sketches.

How to quickly switch to construction geometry in your Autodesk Inventor sketch - without exiting the current command.

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