A Bench hook modelled with Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor: Assembly techniques for woodworkers, The Bottom up technique

This Autodesk Inventor Tutorial los at the technique of creating each part individually, then combining the parts into an Assembly file.

Autodesk Inventor: Assembly techniques for Woodworkers

You can mo a part for your Autodesk Inventor Assembly, but that's the easy bit! Find out the about the essential Assembly Techniques that will prevent you tearing your Hair out!.

Dimensioning an arc in an Inventor Drawing

How to Measure, Dimension and Specify Arc Length In Inventor Sketches.

By default Autodesk Inventor will dimension the Radius of an Arc in a sketch. So how do you find the Length of the Arc? And what if you want to specify the Arc Length to drive your sketch?

Autodesk Inventor Lambs tongue Chamfer iFeature

Inventor iFeatures: Lamb’s Tongue Chamfer

This is a variation on a Stopped chamfer Inventor iFeature. This version of a stopped chamfer has double curved ends, you might form these with a router, spindle moulder or spe shave.

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