Autodesk Inventor: Assembly techniques for woodworkers, The Bottom up technique

In my previous post on Assembly techniques for Woodworkers,  I discussed the four main methods that you can use for building Assemblies in Autodesk Inventor.

I have written a tutorial to demonstrate each technique. I wanted to demonstrate these techniques in a way that would be familiar to Woodworkers – so I have based my tutorials on items that would be familiar in any Joiner’s shop.

This first tutorial looks at the Bottom Up technique of building assemblies. Each part is created separately, and then the parts are combined into an Assembly file. For this tutorial I have used a Bench hook as an example.

A Bench hook modelled with the Autodesk Inventor Bottom Up technique

This tutorial is aimed at novice users. However I am assuming that you are familiar with the concepts of parametric modelling, and that you’ve had some time to explore the Inventor user interface.

This tutorial demonstrates the following workflow:

  • Create a new part
  • Add parameters
  • Create a sketch
  • Constrain the sketch
  • Add a sketch based feature (an extrusion)
  • Change the look of a part
  • Combine the parts into an assembly
  • Constrain the parts

These tutorial files are in Inventor 2010 format.
Bonus – you can now watch these tutorials on Video as part of Autodesk University Virtual 2012 (may require a free login). Here’s the link:

Download “Bench Hook” – Downloaded 1825 times – 928 KB

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