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…And the start of something New…

I have been blogging on for just over a year now – and I’ve still got lots to say! So I’ve decided to go self hosted. From now you will find my tips, tricks, tutorials and links here at

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Why Setter Outs aren’t (and don’t want to be) Designers.

Did you every wonder what the difference is between a 'Setter Out' and a Designer? They both think of innovative solutions to problems, create drawings and take responsibility for the end product . So where does 'Design' end and 'Setting out' begin?

The tracing floor in the York Minster Masons loft

The Medieval Roots of ‘Setting Out’.

The role of a 'Setter Out' - A specialist Joinery draftsman, shares it's roots with the Castle and Cathedral Builders of Medieval Europe.

The CAD Setter out Logo

What is a Blog?

A ‘Blog’ is a Web page that can easily be updated on a regular basis. For example a Blog can...

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