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What is RSS?

In general web sites are passive, it is up to you to visit your favourite websites to see if there...

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What is CAD?

What is Computer Aided Design - CAD to a Setter out?

bench seat general arrangement drawing

What is Setting Out?

In the UK building trade 'Setting out' refers to the act of measuring and marking out a full size plan of a building or element of a building on site.

Paul Munford

Welcome to the CAD Setter Out

Welcome to the Cad Setter Out. This is my Blog for posting the tips, tricks, tutorials and reference that I have picked up over the last few years of producing joinery shop drawings using CAD.

The focus will be on Autodesk software products, primarily AutoCad and Inventor (because that's what I use) and on Setting Out working drawings for the Construction industry (because that's what I do).

I hope that this Blog will become a useful resource for my colleagues and myself, and maybe for you too.

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