What is RSS?

In general web sites are passive, it is up to you to visit your favourite websites to see if there is any new content. RSS is a technology that allows websites to become proactive, by delivering their new content to you.

What is RSS?RSS Stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. RSS is a way to easily distribute a list of headlines, updates, images and possibly other content to you, the subscriber, automatically.  Not all all Web sites provide an RSS Feed, but it is becoming more and more popular.

An RSS document (which is called a “feed”, “web feed” or “channel”) provides a convenient way to distribute information in a standardized format. The information is published once, and can then viewed by many different programs. A common example of RSS content would be news headlines that are frequently updated.

The benefit of RSS is the aggregation of all content from multiple Web sources in one place. You don’t have to remember to visit all your favourite Web sites periodically to check for new content. To take advantage of RSS feeds you will need a ‘Feed Reader’. With a feed reader, summaries of content are delivered to you. You can then read the content or follow links for additional information

Whenever you see a link to a feed (Atom, XML, or RSS, see the icon above) you can click to add the feed to your feed reader.

RSS in Plain English by Common Craft

You can read more here:


Or watch this great Video from Common Craft:


RSS Aggregators include:

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Office Outlook

Google Reader

Feed Reader


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3 Responses to “What is RSS?

  • Main RSS reader I use is Feed Demon. It can use my Google reader account, so when I use other computer, I can use Google reader on my browser.
    I use Google reader on my Android phone too. One account, can be accessed anywhere!