Develop3D Inventor 2013 review by the CAD Setter Out!


The most wonderful thing about the internet is the opportunity to get involved with people and projects that you might simply never come across in your daily life.

After three years writing for the – throwing my content out into the great hungry chasm that is the net – finally, validation! I was recently honoured to have been invited to write an article for Develop3D (D3D) Magazine.

If you’ve never read D3D magazine, give it a try. It’s a real printed magazine, It’s free to subscribe (from with in the UK), it’s vendor neutral and it features great stories about real people designing fascinating things with fantastic CAD software.

And the paper copy has the added advantages of always being on-line, booting instantly and never running out of battery life. When you’ve finished reading it, D3D magazine is ideal for making papier-mâché ‘rapid’ prototypes of your latest design.

You can read my review of Autodesk Inventor 2013 in this may’s issue of D3D as a downloadable PDF. And you can get the real thing delivered to your door by signing up here.

[Edit] If you didn’t get to read my review of Inventor 2013 in print you can now read it on-line – enjoy!

Develop3D magazine May 2012


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