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A Digital Workflow

Enabling a digital workflow seems to be a regular discussion topic from the major CAD companies. To their credit, they have made huge progress when it comes to creating drawings. I would classify both traditional PDM tools, as well as cloud based tools such as Autodesk 360 and GrabCAD Workbench, as excellent ways to enable an integrated digital workflow for drawing creation. But what about drawing access?

An Introduction to AutoCAD 2015

It seems that recently Autodesk have changed how they develop AutoCAD. Acad 2015 gives us a new emphasis on usability, productivity and speed.

However you feel about Autodesk's maintenance subscription strategy, it is finally opening up some changes in Autodesk's 'Ux' (User Experience) development process.

Freed from having to have 'Big Ticket' developments in each new release to try and attract customers, Autodesk are looking back over their body of work to optimise AutoCAD's performance and make it as user friendly as possible.

What design software today could best meet furniture market tendencies?

What software should you use for Furniture making, Cabinetry, Joinery or Millwork ? This weeks guest post from Graham Mansfield of Microconcepts introduces 'Woodwork for Inventor'.

Develop3D magazine May 2012

Develop3D Inventor 2013 review by the CAD Setter Out!

The most wonderful thing about the internet is the opportunity to get involved with people and projects that you might simply never come across in your daily life.

After three years writing for the CadSetterOut.com - finally, validation! I was recently honoured to have been invited to write an article for Develop3D (D3D) Magazine.

Find out what I made of Autodesk Inventor 2013 in this article.

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