Autodesk 123D

An Introduction to Autodesk 123D.

Carl Bass moves one step closer to realising his personal dream of empowering a new Generate of ‘Makers’ to use the latest in CAD, Rapid prototyping and the web to craft their designs. Find out what I thought of 123D here!

An Autodesk Inventor Model of an Andre Roubo Wooden Twin Screw Vice

Testing the Autodesk Labs Thread Modeller for Inventor Plugin

Check out this Autodesk labs 'Plugin of the Month' - a handy tool for turning Autodesk Inventor Thread Features into realistically modelled 3D threads.

A Revit Model From the Revit Kid

The Autodesk Building Design Suite 2012 for Building Contractors.

With new tools and greater functionality aimed specifically at handing the Revit model over from the Design team to the Building Contractor, we could see the way we share information change dramatically in the near future.

The AutoCAD 2012 installation screen

The Autodesk 2012 Product Design Suite for Builders

Autodesk is making big news with the ‘Suiting’ of it’s 2012 range of software. If you produce manufacturing drawings for the building industry what will this mean for you?

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