Four Proven strategies to become a better Drafter

4 Proven Strategies to Become a Better Drafter

Do you remember the first time you laid your eyes on AutoCAD? Were you intimidated? The reality is that if you want to be a great draftsman you must overcome many obstacles and challenges. A good drafter knows how to do his job well, a great drafter on the other hand, is constantly learning and improving his/her skills by challenging him/herself. In this post I want to share four proven ways to become a better drafter. There are many other ways to improve your skills, but these are strategies that I constantly use to not just be good at my job, but to be great at it.


Why you need to attended Develop 3D Live! conference 2015

Inspiring stories from interesting people, that just happen to use CAD tools - coupled with the unique opportunity to compare Solidworks, Inventor, ProE and Onshape in the same exhibit hall. What's not to like from the unique event!

Autodesk Help

The surprising secret to my CAD success

Everyday and in every way I strive to become more knowledgeable and productive with my CAD software. But I don't do it by myself! Oh no, I have lots of help (@AutodeskHelp)

15 CAD Tips from the best of the best

15 Top CAD Tips from the best of the best

Since I first started out as a little CAD Monkey I turned to the internet as a great source of tips & tricks to help me work productively with my CAD software. Ten years later and I'm proud to have met many of my favourite CAD bloggers online or in person. They are, without a doubt, some of the most enthusiastic and generous people you could ever hope to meet. I'd like to introduce them to you. So by way of introduction, I've asked the gang to put together their favourite CAD tips. Say Hi to the Gang everyone! I hope that you learn a great tip from this post, or maybe come across a great blog that you didn't know about before.

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