Why you need to attended Develop 3D Live! conference 2015


D3D Live! 2015You are successful. You are creative. You are free thinking. You are connected. And you want to stay that way.

There are many great conferences for Design and Engineering professionals that use CAD in their daily work. I’m sure that you’ve been to a few yourself.

What defines most CAD conferences is the Vendor that holds them. As educational, fun and thought provoking as many conferences are – we all know why we are there.

The elephant in the room is that we are all there to help the CAD vendor promote and sell their software…

 So what makes D3DLive! Different.

The success of D3Dlive is largely based on the admirable attitude of Develop 3D magazines founders and main protagonists Al Dean and Martyn Day. For many years they have successfully walked the tightrope of robustly criticising all CAD vendors, while all the time being encouraging and supportive.

Come on guys – we know you can do better!

Perhaps surprisingly, the team behind this small independent British publication have managed to meet, get to know and even become friends with the powerful and influential at companies like Autodesk and Dassult – and it’s this enthusiastic but independent spirit that really defines D3Dlive.

Al Dean and Martyn Day at D3D Live! 2012

Martyn is uncomfortable at being seen in a suit.

What will you get at D3D Live 2015?

Is there another conference where you can see, even test, Inventor, Solidworks, ProE, Spaceclaim and (for the first time anywhere) OnShape – right next to each other in the same exhibit hall?

Is there another conference where you will hear from the major players behind these CAD products, speaking on the same stage – one after another? This year’s lineup included Jon Hirschtick,  Dan staples, Gian Paolo Bassi and Carl Bass. Doesn’t that intrigue you!

Great stories from interesting people – that just happen to use CAD tools.

Beyond the mainstage you will hear inspirational stories from Design and Engineering professionals – such as Jörn Großhans, Emmy Award winning VFX designer for “Game of Thrones” and Richard Varvill, Technical director and head designer for Reaction Engines the company developing the space propulsion system for the Skylon re-usable SSTO spaceplane.

D3D Live is an opportunity for any designer to raise themselves up from the daily grind and think big thoughts inspired by remarkable people. No problem is unique, no problem is insurmountable, we all have something to learn from each other.

See you there?

Develop 3D Live! 2015 will be held on the 26th March at Warwick University in the UK and  is FREE to attended (you can book your ticket here). All the cool kids stay over the night before for a beer. See you there?

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