Why you need to attended Develop 3D Live! conference 2015

Inspiring stories from interesting people, that just happen to use CAD tools - coupled with the unique opportunity to compare Solidworks, Inventor, ProE and Onshape in the same exhibit hall. What's not to like from the unique event!

D3DLive! 2014 Conference review

From it's inception three years ago the D3DLive conference has grown from 450 hardcore designers and engineers to 1300 of the industries finest. The well deserved success of D3DLive is based on a simple premise:

'Interesting stories, about Interesting People who design interesting stuff - and the digital tools they use to do it'

The easy going passion that drives the the D3D team to write Develop 3D Magazine extends effortly into the conference, creating a unique event where all the major CAD vendors are happy to rub along with each other and show off their wares.

D3D Live 2013

D3DLive 2013! Were you there?

When I am old and in my dotage, I will listen to the young CADlets that gather at my knee;

'Gee grand-pops' they will say - 'were you really there?'

'Yes!' I will say. 'I was at D3DLive 2013!'

AU 2012 exterior route to convention centre

So you made it to Autodesk University, what now?

Congratulations - You made it! I'm sure that your going to have a great time an learn heaps. But if you haven't been to Autodesk University before, where should you start?

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