So you made it to Autodesk University, what now?

Congratulations – You made it to Autodesk University 2012! I’m sure that your going to have a great time and learn heaps. But if you haven’t been to before, where should you start?

You are now at the best event in the world to learn about your Autodesk tools, so my first tip is… go to as much as possible. That’s why I’m attending the AU freshman orientation session tonight and I think you should too. You can find out more about the freshman orientation session on Lynn Allens blog.

I’m attending this year as a mentor, if you see me come and say hi.

AU 2012 exterior route to convention centre

AU 2012 the exterior route to the convention centre

Paul’s top five tips for getting the best out of AU 2012


1. Hydrate

Nevada is dry, air conditioning is dry and the casinos and bars can be smokey. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice and avoid coffee, soda and beer. Lip salve is vital.

 2. Go outside

Las Vegas casinos are renounced for being built so you can’t see any exits, or tell what time of day it is. But you’re only human, so get out and enjoy the sunshine (see my handy exterior route map to the convention centre above).

3. Talk to everyone

Some of the best tips I’ve learned from AU have been from chatting to people at breakfast, or in line for the gents. Everyone at AU is a CAD geek. Don’t be shy, say Hi.

4. Move classes

If you’re not getting what you want out of a class – go to another one. No one will mind, just have a little consideration for the people that are staying and leave quietly.

5. Retain what you’ve learned

AU is well supported by speaker handouts, some classes will also be online as part of AU Virtual, so don’t worry about making copious notes. Just concentrate on remembering what is possible.

To help you remember what you learned in class, spend a little time reviewing your notes or the handout each evening (before going for a beer!). Set aside some time to review your notes again next week to seal the deal.

Be good – have fun and stay lucky.


2 Responses to “So you made it to Autodesk University, what now?

  • Mark Behrens
    8 years ago

    Lynn’s session is the best way for a first timer to get their bearings on how to proceed. I have found also that there is a lot to be gained from her session having been there in previous years. Many changes occur from year to year and this is a good way to find out about them.