D3D Review, Autodesk Inventor 2015

Find out what I make of Autodesk Inventor 2015 in the July 2014 edition of Develop 3D magazine

D3DLive! 2014 Conference review

From it's inception three years ago the D3DLive conference has grown from 450 hardcore designers and engineers to 1300 of the industries finest. The well deserved success of D3DLive is based on a simple premise:

'Interesting stories, about Interesting People who design interesting stuff - and the digital tools they use to do it'

The easy going passion that drives the the D3D team to write Develop 3D Magazine extends effortly into the conference, creating a unique event where all the major CAD vendors are happy to rub along with each other and show off their wares.

An Introduction to AutoCAD 2015

It seems that recently Autodesk have changed how they develop AutoCAD. Acad 2015 gives us a new emphasis on usability, productivity and speed.

However you feel about Autodesk's maintenance subscription strategy, it is finally opening up some changes in Autodesk's 'Ux' (User Experience) development process.

Freed from having to have 'Big Ticket' developments in each new release to try and attract customers, Autodesk are looking back over their body of work to optimise AutoCAD's performance and make it as user friendly as possible.

The CAD Setter Out - Reviews

Your questions answered – Must have CAD books for Drafters

This week's great question came from Steven.

'Hi are you able to advice me on a course book that would give me all the correct information to produce a high standard joinery drawing that would then be sent off for approval'
Do you want the quick answer? I'm afraid that the quick answer is 'No' - But I do have some recommendations for books that every CAD drafter should have in their library...
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