Top down design with Autodesk Inventor at Autodesk University 2013

MA2604 - Drive Autodesk® Inventor® with the Top Down: Alternative Assembly Moing Techniques

Top down, bottom up, skeletal moing, layout mos, multi-body master parts: If you are having difficulty turning your part mos into assembly mos, do not despair! There are many alternative assembly techniques that can help you produce great results.

The CAD Setter out - AutoCAD

AutoCAD questions answered; Lineweights and plot styles

I received a great question this week from Steven:

I have a question for you for an efficient method to use regarding weights and scale. Do you think I should have a CTB  for every scale I it? It would be wonderful if there were a method using only one CTB. Am I dreaming?

An Autodesk Inventor Model of an Andre Roubo Wooden Twin Screw Vice

Testing the Autodesk Labs Thread Modeller for Inventor Plugin

Check out this Autodesk labs 'Plugin of the Month' - a handy tool for turning Autodesk Inventor Thread Features into realistically moled 3D threads.

The Autodesk Inventor Error Report Dialogue

Don’t forget to send in your Autodesk Inventor Crash Reports!

Did you ever crash Inventor and just hit ‘Close Window’ when the Error report popped up? Find out why this is a bad idea!

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