Don’t forget to send in your Autodesk Inventor Crash Reports!

Did you ever crash Inventor and just hit ‘Close Window’ when the Error report popped up?

Well – from now on DON’T!

The Autodesk support Engineers are watching…

I had an Email this week from Peter Vinh, one of the Product Managers for Inventor at Autodesk.

It turns out that I have logged so many Crash reports with Autodesk that they wanted to talk to me to find out exactly what I was doing that made Inventor freak out so often!

I can’t tell you what I have been working on, but I can tell you that Peter arranged a conference call with two of the Software Engineers that write the Inventor programme.

We had a good chat about large assembly management, and I came away better informed and with a few new tactics to try out on my next big model.

Next time hit ‘Send Report’!

All the Crash reports go into the Autodesk Error supporting system. The Errors that crop up most frequently are the ones that will be fixed first. Hitting ‘Send report’ only takes a few seconds and it may mean the difference between your bug getting fixed in the next update, or not.

If you’ve got the time and the inclination, including your Email address and a description of the problem you encountered is far more likely to result in your problem being dealt with, and maybe even a pleasant chat with some of the Good folk from Autodesk :D

The Autodesk Inventor Error Report

3 Responses to “Don’t forget to send in your Autodesk Inventor Crash Reports!

  • Kaylacash37
    13 years ago

    good idea

  • Dandoleman
    13 years ago

    Wow, I’ve never managed to screw up my Inventor that many times that an Autodesk Developer wanted to speak to mepersonally! It must dislike you lots… :-)

    Seriously though, I was speaking to a customer this morning who was having his Inventor crash every time it saved out a DXF, I couldn’t reproduce it, so I told him to keep submitting the CER’s.

    I did something over the weekend and I’ve had an email from one of the CER team asking if I can send them the files and the steps to reproduce the issue, so I said I’d try and do it again and et them know.

    Deliberately breaking Inventor – that’s my job I guess!

    So send that report off and if it keeps happening they should take notice. It’s like voting – if you don’t vote, you can’t moan about who gets in….

    Dan D

    • Good shout Dan!

      ‘if you don’t vote, you can’t moan about who gets in’

      That’s exactly it :)