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I believe that your CAD software shouldn’t limit your creativity or productivity!

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The CAD Setter out - AutoCAD

AutoCAD Tutorials

Learn how to use AutoCAD to create great 2D technical drawings quickly and efficiently.  

The CAD Setter Out - Autodesk Inventor

Inventor Tutorials

Learn how to model your designs in with Autodesk Inventor, then create drawings and cutting tickets from the model.

The CAD Setter Out - Technical Drawing standards

Technical drawing

Find out how to apply the British and International Technical Drawing standards to your drawings.

Recent posts

Autodesk Inventor Stress Analysis Tutorial

How to get started with Autodesk Inventor Stress Analysis

Welcome along to another guest post on Cadsetterout.com. Thanks very much to Viktor Rask of CADmode.com for this Awesome introduction...

Stormtroopers at AU 2015

Cadsetterout class submissions for Autodesk University 2016

Didn’t we just get back from Autodesk University 2015?! The great machine that is AU keeps on turning and it’s...

What’s new in Autodesk Inventor 2017?

What’s new in Autodesk Inventor 2017?

Are you trying to find out what's new in Autodesk Inventor 2017? This article takes you through all of the major new features, from 3D Sketching to AnyCAD, via Mesh mo support and the new Inventor publisher presentation environment.

Autodesk Inventor Patten Optimzation

Autodesk Inventor Pattern Optimisation

I to Pattern. I Geometry and I have Draughtsman’s OCD. Patterns speak to me ;) I can happily...

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts, easy productivity hack!

Thanks very much to Nick Williams of Acuity training for this excellent AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts productivity hack. If you’d like to...

Autodesk Inventor Sheet metal flat pattern success

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Flat Pattern success!

Are you finding generating your Flat Pattern from your Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal mo is causing you problems? I recently...

100 Circles, secrets of AutoCAD QSELECT

100 Circles. Secrets of AutoCAD QSELECT

In this guest post from Ibrahim Khwaja we will learn the how to use one of AutoCAD's most powerful, but often overloed commands - QSELECT.

Paul Munford presenting AutoCAD Tool Palettes Master class at Autodesk University 2015

IT10856: AutoCAD Tool Palettes Master Class (Autodesk University 2015)

Are you a CAD manager or CAD Admin who is struggling to encourage your users to comply with CAD Standards? In my experience, there is only one way to solve this. And that is, to make it so easy to comply with your CAD standard that they can do it without trying! Come at meet me at Autodesk University 2015 where I will be taking you through the process of creating Tool Palettes for deploying your company standards, step by step.

Cadsetterout Mouse with Porcupine analysis

CP10847: Complex Topology Surface Modeling with Inventor (Autodesk University 2015)

It's that time of year again! Fireworks night is behind us, the evenings are drawing in - Autodesk University is just around the corner :) I Love AU time of year, and I'm already getting excited about attending the event in Las Vegas in the first week of December. If you are also lucky enough to be attending, come and say 'Hi' - I have two classes at AU this year, the first is surface moing with Autodesk Inventor (The second class TBA).

Graitec Adris MicroCAD

Paul Munford Joins Graitec

Back in 2012 I announced via this blog that I was moving to a new post as CAD manager at Halstock cabinet makers. No it's time to announce the next step in my journey. The last three years at Halstock have been tough, I can honestly say that it hasn't all been enjoyable. Halstock are a remarkably focused and demanding company to work for and the pressure has been great. We've packed a lot in at Halstock over the last three years and I'm proud to have been part of what we've built. The pressure has changed me, and I've learned a great deal from it.

Four Proven strategies to become a better Drafter

4 Proven Strategies to Become a Better Drafter

Do you remember the first time you laid your eyes on AutoCAD? Were you intimidated? The reality is that if you want to be a great draftsman you must overcome many obstacles and challenges. A good drafter knows how to do his job well, a great drafter on the other hand, is constantly learning and improving his/her skills by challenging him/herself. In this post I want to share four proven ways to become a better drafter. There are many other ways to improve your skills, but these are strategies that I constantly use to not just be good at my job, but to be great at it.

Understanding how to apply the AutoCAD DIM commands

Shining a light on AutoCAD DIMs

There are than 80 variables that control the behavior and appearance of dimensions, and there are another thirty or so dimension related commands besides. Here are two DIM gems: DIMSPACE and DIMROTATED.

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