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 Tips, tricks and Tutorials to learn AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.

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I believe that your CAD software shouldn’t limit your creativity or productivity!


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AutoCAD Tutorials

Learn how to use AutoCAD to create great 2D technical drawings quickly and efficiently.  

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Inventor Tutorials

Learn how to model your designs in with Autodesk Inventor, then create drawings and cutting tickets from the model.

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Technical drawing

Find out how to apply the British and International Technical Drawing standards to your drawings.

Recent posts

In a spin with AutoCAD Blocks and Tool Palettes [Tips & Tricks]

In a spin with AutoCAD Blocks and Tool Palettes [Tips & Tricks]

This AutoCAD Tool Palettes tip from Mike McDonell will help you to set the rotation of a Block, as you insert it from a Tool Palette.

Getting Pally with AutoCAD Tool palettes [Tips & Tricks]

Getting Pally with AutoCAD Tool palettes [Tips & Tricks]

A quick tip to swipe AutoCAD Leader Lines and Hatches onto Tool Palettes. Create content libraries and improve your CAD productivity in minutes.

Import PDF Into AutoCAD The Future is now

AutoCAD Import PDF to DWG – the Future is Now

Find out how to import PDF from Adobe into an AutoCAD DWG. NOT as an Underlay, as actual real life line-work, with all Layers intact!

Hey! Me and 11,999,000 of my Buddies can’t be at Autodesk University. How can we learn, connect and explore?

Autodesk University is the premier learning event for Autodesk software users. Seriously - if you can make it, you HAVE to go! But how about if you can't? A trip to Autodesk University is expensive, and it is held in Las Vegas. It's not easy to convince your Boss that a trip to AU is 'educational'! So, if your Boss isn't the enlightened type - what can you do?

Five Pillars of Effective CAD Management

Five pillars of effective CAD Management | Autodesk University 2016

Come and meet Paul Munford at Autodesk University 2016. Paul will be presenting 'Five pillars of Effective CAD Management'.

Autodesk Inventor Stress Analysis Tutorial

How to get started with Autodesk Inventor Stress Analysis

Welcome along to another guest post on Cadsetterout.com. Thanks very much to Viktor Rask of CADmode.com for this Awesome introduction...