Autodesk Inventor - Application options - Sketch Options: 1. Project reference geometry into sketches automatically. 2. Prevent Inventor from reorienting your view on sketch creation

5 Quick tips, Autodesk Inventor Application Options

Jon landeros of the Inventor tales blog brings us Five Autodesk Inventor Application Options that you NEED to know about!

The blue abstract 3d tunnel from a grid

An introduction to the Inventor Mesh Enabler from Autodesk Labs

The Inventor Mesh Enabler is a free (But time limited) technology preview that enables Inventor users to work with imported Mesh data.

As shipped Inventor 2012 can import mesh data from Catia, STL and JT files. The Mesh Enabler for 2013/2012 adds the ability to post process the imported mesh data to convert the mesh features to Inventor Base features.

Find out how it's done in this quick tutorial.

The Autodesk Inventor Error Report Dialogue

Don’t forget to send in your Autodesk Inventor Crash Reports!

Did you ever crash Inventor and just hit ‘Close Window’ when the Error report popped up? Find out why this is a bad idea!

Customizing your Autodesk Inventor Hole and thread data

Autodesk Manufacturing Northern Europe | Autodesk Inventor Hole & Thread Data

Thanks very much to Steve Bedder of Autodesk, who very kindly posted my article on personalizing Autodesk Inventor’s Hole and...