Inventor Tips: Constrain your sketch to the center point.


To make the behaviour of your Autodesk Inventor sketches more predictable, constrain your sketch to the ‘Origin’ or ‘Centre Point’ (0,0,0).

Open the Origin folder in your browser. Click on the ‘Project Geometry’ button and click on the Center Point. A projected point will be created and constrained to 0,0,0. you can now constrain your sketch to this point.

Autodesk Inventor constrain to centre point

Auto Project the centre point

You can have Inventor create this projected point for you, By checking ‘Auto project part origin on sketch create’.

Tools>Application options>Sketch tab


A rectangle in Autodesk Inventor constrained to the centre point

This rectangle is constrained to the origin using vertical and horizontal constraints.

A rectangle in Autodesk Inventor fixed to the centre point

This rectangle has a diagonal construction line, which is constrained to the origin and to the lines centre point.


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