Learn Surface modelling for Autodesk Inventor is launched!

Do you need to model complex ‘organic’ models in Autodesk Inventor?

Are you finding it a struggle? I know that it’s tricky. Parametric design tools aren’t very forgiving when building complex surfaces!

If you are interested in mastering this challenging technique please check out my recently released tutorial series ‘Mastering Inventor surfacing‘ from Infiniteskills.com

Featuring 28 Videos and running for nearly two and a half hours, you’ll be taken through everything you need to know about 3D surface modelling from the basics of surface continuity to final analysis.

I cover a lot of practical examples for building various styling features and round the whole thing up with three projects that you can follow at your own pace. All the working files are included.

The tutorial series is available online or via an App and costs $24.95 USD

Inventor surface modelling Introduction screenshot

I really enjoyed researching and recording this series. I hope that you find it useful and informative. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

To find out more about surfacing with Inventor (and to see the introduction video) please visit my dedicated web page http://cadso.co/LearnSurfacing or go straight to the Infiniteskills.com web site http://cadso.co/InvSurf

And keep your eyes peeled, because our next title ‘T-splines’ for Inventor has already been recorded and is making it’s way through post production as we speak…

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